The Whoosh Ways to Happiness This Weekend

“Happiness is like a butterfly. The more you try to catch it, the further it will fly.”

Heard that ever before? That’s just nonsensical notion.

Happiness is like the hula hoop. Learn to twirl and swirl with it. In our days with Flintstones, Jetsons, Tintin, Scooby Doo, Popeye happiness had a regular flow. The reason: We led a Hukana Matata life!

At times because of all the piled up work and trivialities of life, we get stressed out psychologically and physically. The immediate feelings are recklessness, depression and a prolonged thought of how we are turning into a laggard. So here I am, formulating ways to whoosh happiness into such moments of life. Drain the strain and start working when the brighter you comes back.


1. Keep a Playlist – Turn your dark thoughts off and put the music high. Keep John Mayer, Ed Sheeran, Cindy Lauper, U2, Coldplay and happy music. Music is a medication in these times. After 4th or 5th track starts playing, you will start healing. But don’t just stop yet! Let it play without pause. Rock your worries out!  If you can play an instrument then try playing a new song! It works all the time!


2.Watch a Movie – Take a chai break and watch a flick! Choose a movie to refresh your mind. I won’t specify any genre as some find happiness from watching horror and others from chick flick. Take your pick and put it on roll.


3. Give a random call to an old friend/sibling/ any close one– Life without old friends is life in black and white. When you need company, call up an old friend and talk it out. Nothing is better than good company to beat the blues. Go on. Dial the number and make a call.


4.  Try cooking – Bake a cake. Make cookies. Fry sausages. Make a hamburger or pizza. Put marshmallows in hot chocolate. Make whatever makes you happy. The aim is to draw a smiley on them so that it reflects on your face.


5. Read your favorite childhood books – When you read them, you find Amelia Jane once again gluing Barbie to the chair, Captain Haddock screaming “Blistering Barnacles!”, the O’Sullivan twins making gas balls to hinder a math test, the Hardy boys out on their adventure. Already visualizing? It IS fun! Re-read your favorite childhood book again.


6.Take a nap – Have a peaceful nap by abandoning all the thoughts of the woeful world. Shut your thoughts and merge with your dreams. Peace is an inevitable result of sleep. Don’t ever lose sleep over work. It always has a negative effect.


7. Plan a slumber party – A random slumber party splashes happiness all over. A last minute rush to get the food and call friends over sets in an amazing excitement! Giggle, laugh, get high, share your stories! Throw the party and have a bash!


8.  Keep a personal deadline – It is a normal human nature to procrastinate work. You think of starting it from 6pm  The clock ticks away and strikes 7pm , then 8pm, then 9pm. Yet, you still stand at the crossroad of confusion. Unless you finish your work, your mind will keep the carping on. When you can’t get out of it, get into it. Try to keep a personal deadline to finish your work. Nothing gives more satisfaction than completing work within time.


9.  Eat street food – Take a walk with the wind and hit the local hawkers stall. Find happiness in these local delights. It won’t even burn a hole in your pocket.


10. Clean the clutter – I recently read this book, “It’s Hard to Make a Difference When You Can’t Find Your Keys” by Marilyn Paul. As the name suggests, it is difficult to organize work in an unorganized environment. Stop keeping your mobile, laptop, spectacles, papers, pen at one-hand-distance. Get up. Shake a limb and clean the mess. Try decorating the room with a lot of colours around. It definitely gives a feeling of content.


11. Smile– Happiness comes from within. Learn to smile in difficult times. Smile because you have the opportunity to grow. Smile because you have many things which others don’t. The actions of your life will only make your environment happy. Learn to make your inner self happy.

Every morning is a brand new day. Don’t let the worries of yesterday bug you today. Dreams don’t equalize with realities of life. Try a new method everyday to find happiness from inside. So sniff a lemon, join a marathon, do bungee jumping. Do whatever makes you happy. And in the words of Captain Haddock, beat the “Thundering Typhoons” of life!


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