1/3rd Of What We Eat Today Has Originated In Foreign

The biggest staple wheat – originally developed in West Asia – came to India thousands of years ago. Of all the food grains, vegetables and fruits grown and eaten in India, about a third originally came from some foreign land.

From atta and aloo to apples, many of our dietary staples originated abroad. You may be surprised to know that it’s not a recent phenomenon.

The study covering 132 types of fruits and vegetables.

The Indian subcontinent is place of origin to rice, millets and pulses among food grains and also to sugarcane, bananas and mangoes, lemons, and various tubers like taro and yams.

In Italy there were only winter cereals like wheat, so after the Columbian Exchange, maize was rapidly adopted into the country in some regions because it was a summer cereal .

What the world has given us: 
* Central America: Chilly, Maize, Beans, Papaya, Palm oil
* West Asia: Wheat, Onion, Peas, Carrots, Spinach, Grapes
* Mediterranean: Rapeseed, Mustard
* South America: Potato, Tomato, Pumkin
* Central Asia: Garlic, Apple