Shami and Yadav reduced West Indies to 182

On Friday, Indian fans unaware of that old ‘pace jungle’ saying would have cursed themselves for missing the most heartening period of play. Mohammad Shami and Umesh Yadav were bowling the stand-out opening spells of the tournament .



The late-comers, who weren’t around when Shami and Yadav reduced West Indies to 182, did get to see India limp past the finish line.

But there would be hiccups as the Indian batsmen too would struggle against the short bowling. Virat Kohli, during his 33, was the batsman who was most comfortable on this tricky track. He was a treat to watch but, today, he was second to the brilliant show of pace bowling at the start of the day.

Finally Dhoni, who took India home with an unbeaten 45, was not amused and told Jadeja it is time to step up.

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