Barbie Bandits Won The Throwball Tournament

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By Ajay Rohan : An Amazing throw ball inter school tournament was organized by NETAJI PUBLIC SCHOOL in school premises.

Both girls and boys participated in the tournament. Two teams from the girl’s side and three teams from the boy’s side participated in the tournament. Student from class seven onwards participated in this game. Three teams of boys of classes 8, 9, 11 participated and named their team as Peach panthers, Dodging Starz and Heartbreakers respectively. On the other side girl’s also named their team as Barbie bandits and Crazy girls .

Each team consists of seven players and two substitutes. All the players have showed their sports spirit and throwing skills in the game. Our Honorable administrator Mr. A R Pillai and our PT sir liked the game very much. On the final day of the tournament the founder of the school Mr.Manav Aditya watched our tournament and motivated us and liked the game very much.



From the girls’ side Barbie bandits won the tournament and from the boy’s side Heartbreakers  Class XI won the tournament. At the end of the day prize were distributed by the teaching stuff of our school. Overall the tournament was very much exciting and was liked by all the parents and teachers as well as by the students.

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