Save Bengal Hindus From Bangladeshi Immigrants

Who is the Nero of bengal ? Who is enjoying music while West Bengal is burning ? Islamisation of West Bengal is on progress.

The state, which once was known for its rich and vibrant culture across the country, has recently become the graveyard of Hindus thanks to Muslim appeasement policy being followed by all political parties for decades. Due to Muslim dominance of the demography, Hindus are being repeatedly targeted by Islamic fundamentalists from Bangladesh.

The Bangladeshi Fundamentals can be called a modern day Nero as they are enjoying music while West Bengal is burning.

Our question :

Why should the secular and peace living Hindus and Muslims suffer for Bangladeshi Muslim Fundamentals ?

Will the Bangladeshi Fundamentals improve the life of Indian liberal Muslims economically ?

Don’t the Hindus respect  Javed Akhtar and like Salman Khan, Sharukh Khan, Amir Khan, criketer Irfaan Pathan ?

Which Bengali family does not like biriyaani in their marriage ceremony ?

Why and why are the Bangladeshi Muslim leaders taking a lead role in the lives of Indian Muslims ?

Will the Indian Muslims and Hindus not be living peacefully on Bengal soil ?

Why are local media largely silent on these matters ?

Are Bangladeshi Muslim Fundamental increasingly targeting the West Bengal Hindus to provoke a riot ?

When shall Bengal Hindus and Muslims get united under the leadership of our chief minister to save West Bengal from the fiercely damaging plan of Bangladeshi Jihadis ?

When will all the political parties ignore the power of 30 per cent vote bank ?

West Bengal is known for their sweets, love for music and sports. Bengal is known for literature, theatre, towering personalities like Swami Vevekanada, Ramakrishna Paramhansa, Rabindra Nath Tagore, Mother Teresa and many many more and our dada Sourav Ganguly.

Now the reputation of Bangladesh is getting tarnished because of the religion based massacre which are currently on the rise.

Moreover infiltration from Bangladesh and non-existence of family planning are the two important reasons for the growth of the Muslim population in West Bengal. 

Kaliachak, a town close to the Bangladesh border, has Hindu population is only 10% while Muslim population is 90%.  It is interesting to ponder where this Muslim mob of 1.5 lakhs emerged from when Muslims of in Kaliachak-Baliadanga town is around 10,000 ?

In December 2015, a leaflet was widely circulated in the area with an appeal to Muslims to assemble at Kaliachak Taxi Stand to protest against Kamlesh Tiwari’s alleged derogatory comment about the Prophet of Islam. The police and administration was aware about the leaflet but did nothing action to stop the unlawful assembly nor initiated any action against the publisher of the leaflet.

It is amazing that Kamlesh Tiwari was arrested and he was in jail for a comment on Prophet Muhammad and inciting enmity between communities. But Kaliachak attackers are roaming freely. 

The Muslim mob ransacked vehicles parked on the national highway . Then set that on fire the van of the Border Security Force. Later, damaged many police vehicles. The rioters took control of the police station and set that on fire and gutted important documents in no time. Lakhs of people were on road with placards in their hand demanding death of Kamlesh Tiwari.

Then Muslim mob turned their attention towards properties belonging to Hindus. They selectively  attacked Hindu houses and shops, damaged the properties, looted their belongings, molested Hindu women.