Learn Business : Billionaire dad sends son to work as aam aadmi

Kochi: In an effort to wean his son from a life of silver-spooned privilege, a Gujarati diamond merchant and proprietor of a Surat-based Rs 6,000 crore company with presence in 71 countries, persuaded his only son to go to Kochi incognito and survive on odd jobs for a month.

Dravya Dholakia (21), doing an MBA in the US and on a holiday in India.

“I gave him three conditions: I told my son that he needs to work to earn his money and he couldn’t work at a place for more than a week; that he can’t use his father’s identity nor use the mobile phone nor Rs 7,000 taken from home for a month”.

For five days I had no job or proper place to stay. I was frustrated as I was rejected at 60 places, as no one knew me here. I understood what is rejection and the value of a job in these few days,” said Dravya, who lied to his employers that he is a class XII student born in a poor farmer’s family in Gujarat. Dravya got his first job in a bakery in Cheranelloor.

Then he worked at a call centre, a shoe shop and even a McDonalds’ outlet in the city, earning Rs 4,000 plus in a month. “I never worried about money and here I was struggling to get a meal worth Rs 40. I needed another Rs 250 per day to stay in a lodge,” said Dravya.