Boiled egg or Omelette ?

Boiled egg or Omelette ?

Which is Healthier ? People who want to be healthy and are on weight loss diets always have confusion in their mind in choosing the right way of taking a food. One of the confusion is to choose among boiled egg or omelet. Eggs are most nutritious food keeps us healthy and away from ill-health.
Boiled egg
Most of the people think that egg yolk should be avoided to get rid of cholesterol in that. But the truth is that egg white contains very less nutrients that yolk. We lose most nutrients when we avoid yolk even the whites contain some of the important nutrients like selenium and Riboflavin.

Whole Boiled Egg Nutrition Value
Calories : 77
Fat : 5.28 gms
Carbs : 0.28gms
Protein : 6.26 gms


Same thing happens with omelet.Many people avoid yolk and prepare omelet with only egg whites. Prefer not to avoid yolk unless you are some medical supervision. The nutrition value of omelet depends on various factors like oil or cheese you add, number of eggs and other ingredients.
Omelet Nutrition Value
Calories : 100
Cholesterol : 60 gms
Protein : 6 gms
Fat : 6 gms
Carbohydrates : 0.30 gmsbetter to prefer boiled egg

Omelet or Boiled Egg which is better ?
The nutrition values of both boiled egg and omelet are given above. One has to choose according to their requirement. If you are conscious of cholesterol levels and prefer omelet better avoid egg yolk and choose omelet. If you just like omelet, don’t take a back step it is no harm but better add less oil or cheese.

Both are healthier but if you count calories and fat then boiled egg is better.

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