Cheers ! Modi Waives Off Tax From Your Whisky

Cheers ! Modi Waives Off Tax From Your Whisky

Enough of cow politics. Happy days are here again. It’s now whisky politics. Our popular government is not charging any GST on whisky. Are you hearing, there is no tax on your whisky.

Finally our popular government has waived off all kinds of taxes on alcohol. Perhaps government has understood the mindset of common man. So … cheeeeers !

Ever wondered why you can’t lay your hands on a really rare whisky in India? Companies can’t afford to send one bottle, from very rare and expensive only 20 bottles they produce, to the lab for testing as regulations in India.

The current demand is for premium Japanese whisky but the Japanese produce less whisky. On top of that, a product such as a 25-year-old Yamazaki is so hard to get. The price of Japanese whisky could range anywhere between Rs 6 lakh and Rs 8 lakh for a bottle.

The definition of ‘rare whisky’ has also changed. Ten to 15 years ago, age used to decide the word “rare” to liquor.  40, 50 or 60-year-old whiskies from brands such as Macallan, Glenfiddich and Dalmore were in demand.

Now as long they are not available in the market, lets learn how to make whisky at home from our  mixologist cum bartender.


While it’s different in the Indian retail market, in places such as the US, UK, France and West Asia, these blue-ribbon brands are being sold at retail stores such as Royal Miles Whiskies in Edinburgh, Scotland.