Dev Thrills Audience In His Thriller Movie Cockpit

Dev Thrills Audience In His Thriller Movie Cockpit

The Bengali Film COCKPIT Starring Dev, Koel Mallick & Rukmini Maitra in lead roles. Directed by Kamaleswar Mukherjee. ‘COCKPIT’ Releasing in Durga Puja 2017.

This summer Koel Mallick is joining Team Dev to fly high together once more. The other leading lady on board is Rukmini Maitra, who’s gearing up for the box office fight in June with her debut film, Chaamp where Dev plays a boxer.

The trio have come together for Dev’s home production, Cockpit, where the Tolly hero plays the pilot of an aircraft hit by turbulent weather while flying Mumbai to Calcutta.

Directed by Kamaleswar Mukherjee, the film will track how the pilot lands the craft even as two engines stop functioning.

“It cannot get bigger than this. For Cockpit, we were looking for someone experienced, sensible and mature and someone who is new, vibrant. We just knew both had to look convincing. We had been thinking of casting Koel for some time now. And when I called her she just took two days to think it over. She loved the story and was very excited about the film,” said Dev.