Eating walnuts daily may boost memory

Indian Express : Eating a handful of walnuts daily as a snack, or as part of a meal, can help improve your memory, a new study has claimed.

Walnuts may improve performance on cognitive function tests, including those for memory, concentration and information processing speed, according to the research.

Cognitive function was consistently greater in adult participants that consumed walnuts, regardless of age, gender or ethnicity, researchers said.

“It is exciting to see the strength of the evidence from this analysis across the US population supporting the previous results of animal studies that have shown the neuroprotective benefit from eating walnuts; and it’s a realistic amount -less than a handful per day (13 grams),” Arab noted.

According to a 2012 World Health Organisation article, the estimated number of new cases of dementia each year worldwide is nearly 7.7 million, and the number of people living with dementia worldwide is estimated at 35.6 million. This number is predicted to double by 2030 and more than triple by 2050, researchers said.

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