Future Electric Car Industry Of Elon Musk

Future Electric Car Industry Of Elon Musk

Tesla, the electric-car company has burned through over $ 2 billion in cash so far this year ahead of the launch. Tesla will produce and sell 500,000 cars per year, the company would likely outsell the BMW, Mercedes, or Lexus brands in the US.

Yes ! Elon Musk rolls out cheapest Tesla cars for the market.

Tesla Chief Executive Officer, Elon Musk, said yesterday in Fremont ( California) that the Model 3 had over half a million advance reservations. But has handed over the first 30 to employee buyers. Tesla is setting the stage for the biggest challenge to become a profitable, mass market electric car maker.

Tesla has produced 50 of the vehicles so far, including 20 for testing purposes.

Outside Tesla’s Fremont, California factory, Musk showed off the $ 35,000 base vehicle This is with a range of 220 miles ( 350 km) on a charge. It makes a departure from the company’s earlier luxury electric cars.

Hours before the event, Musk acknowledged it would be” quite a challenge” to build the car during the early days of production.

” We’re going to go through at least six months of manufacturing hell,” Musk told journalists.

The over half a million reservations are up from about 373,000 disclosed in April 2016. Customers pay $ 1,000 refundable deposits for the car, which is eligible for tax credits. Any new buyers would likely not receive their car until the end of 2018, Musk said.

A longer- range version of the car is priced at $ 44,000 and will drive 310 miles ( 500 km) on a single charge. The cars feature a streamlined dashboard devoid of buttons or knobs, with a 15- inch touch screan display to the right of the driver. The 500,000 vehicles Tesla vows to produce next year.