How To Take Care of Your Hair In Summer

By Sarita das : Howrah : The sun is out, temperatures are up. What could be better? Summer is a great time to relax and spend your days outdoors. We all know it’s important to protect your body and skin from the summer sun. However, did you know that you also need to take special care of your hair in the summer, too?



Protect your hair against summer heat, and keep it healthy and strong with these tips!

1. Protect Your Hair from the Sun
Protect your locks by wearing a scarf, hat or cap when you’re out in the sun for a long period of time. Just make sure it’s not so tight that it restricts the circulation in your scalp!
2. Prep Your Hair Before Swimming
The chemicals used in pools can be damaging to your hair. It’s important to be gentle to your hair during the summer and prepare it for exposure to these situations. Simply rinse your hair with water before and after swimming to help protect it. Also consider braiding your hair or using a swim cap to keep it from getting tangled.
3. Hydrate
Try to drink at least eight to 10 8-ounce glasses of fluid a day.
4. Add Moisture
Summer is a great opportunity to use a leave-in conditioner. It also can dramatically reduce frizz and help define curly hair.
5. Use Gentle Accessories
Since your hair is already vulnerable from the elements of the heat, take special care of it and use hair accessories that won’t damage your ’do further. Good ones are ponytail holders without metal closures, barrettes with smooth edges and clasps, and fabric headbands that move with your hair.

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