Imagine Modi Saying : Elite can’t stand a Dalit in nice clothes

Mr Modi are you joking with innocent people of India ? Is this the way you think is right strategy to attract voters ? India stands for unity in diversity , don’t you believe this ? Will this policy of dividing people establish you as a visionary leader ? We expect you to be sincerely different to other politicians . How could you say this ?

PM Narendra Modi addresses during the inauguration of the National Conference of Dalit Entrepreneurs organised by DICCI (Dalit Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry), in New Delhi on Tuesday.

Dalit entrepreneurs will double in the next two years. A Dalit will stand tall in society, not as a job seeker but as a job giver,” Modi told in a conference .

“A Dalit entrepreneur knows what it is like to go through the rigours in the world, unlike those who got businesses and fortunes as inheritance,” he said. “A Dalit goes through humiliation… ask me, I know how it feels to be humiliated. From my personal experience I can tell you, the elite still can’t stand it when they see a Dalit wearing nice clothes,” he said.


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