Jamaica the destinations for 'marry me' proposal

Jamaica the destinations for 'marry me' proposal



  1. Jamaica is an island country situated in the Caribbean Sea,in North America,  comprising of 2.715 million population and  the third-largest island of the Greater Antilles .
  2. What really makes Jamaica the slice of paradise it is, is the gorgeous, rich culture of those who live here. Learn about our cuisine, traditions, art, language and music and find yourself falling into step with the island of All Right .
  3. Reggae is Jamaica’s most internationally recognized music and the heartbeat of our people. The music form has undergone a series of phases including Roots, Ragga, Dub, and Dance hall; nevertheless it remains a primary platform used by Jamaican artistes to express their thoughts on social and political conditions. Dance hall for instance is one of the most prominent forms of reggae that has found much favour with the younger generation. The high energy and hardcore ‘riddims’ capture the vibrant popular culture from the slangs to fashion and dance moves.





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