Japan Trade Boss Flags For Calcutta Port

Japan Trade Boss Flags For Calcutta Port

On the sidelines of a business summit in Calcutta, Japan said ,” Calcutta has great potential but poor inland connectivity at the port”.  Since Calcutta is the largest city of eastern India, it is well placed to use this potential. But the inland connectivity from Calcutta to other parts of the country has to improve.

As many parts of automobiles are manufactured in southeast Asian nations like Malaysia, the Philippines and Indonesia, the automobile manufacturers of Japan have created a global value chain to ship to the Mumbai and Chennai ports to finally go to factories in India, but these do not go through Calcutta.

The Mumbai port has excellent processing facilities, a reason why many ships prefer Mumbai, but Calcutta has to improve.

All eastern nations are becoming economic powers of the world, this underlines the importance of the Calcutta summit.

Some of the major Japanese automakers functioning out of India — such as Suzuki, Honda and Toyota — do not have any presence in the east and northeast.

Another reason why big cargo ships tend to avoid the city port is inadequate depth of the river. ” What can be ferried to the Mumbai port in one large ship has to be brought to Calcutta in two or three smaller vessels, ” he said.

The Port of Kolkata is a riverine port in the city of Kolkata, India, located around 203 kilometres from the sea. It is the oldest operating port in India, and was constructed by the British East India Company. Wikipedia
Annual cargo tonnage50.29 billion kg
LocationKolkata, West Bengal, India
Passenger traffic40,349 (2012-13)
Annual revenue12.42 billion INR (US$180 million)