Make her laugh.And she will love you


Making her laugh is one of the most successful ways of impress her. Here is how you can do it.

Women love the guys who are funny and have a sense of humour. While not everyone has the art of making others laugh, you surely can be sporting and cultivate a good sense of humour.

Women like men who have their egos in check. So make sure you can make fun of yourself and laugh at yourself. This will show you in a good light. But avoid coming across as lacking in confidence, there is only a thin line.

Be original. Try not to copy your favourite comedy star or their dialogues that you simply love. While it might work initially, there is nothing better than being original.

Sharing funny anecdotes are fine, even if they involve family stories or embarrassing moments. Women like to share and they guys to share as well. This will help her open up more quickly.

Be confident. Humour comes out well if you are confident and relaxed. All your jokes might not bring out a spit of laughter for her, but don’t lose confidence, because it will help eventually.

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