Meet the futuristic robot : Bina 48

Meet the futuristic robot : Bina 48

By Sarita Das : Indian Express : Meet Bina48, the robot who can tell jokes, recite poetry and mimic humans. One of the most sophisticated robots ever built, capable of independent thought, emotion, Bina48 is modelled on Bina Aspen, wife of Martine Rothblatt — the CEO of biotech outfit United Therapeutics.
A vision of a future where we all have such “mind clones” is what futurist 60-year-old Rothblatt shared on March 15 with several thousand attendees during the third day of the annual tech festival South by Southwest (SXSW 2015) in Austin, Texas.

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How long did it take to create Bina48?

The flesh-and-blood Bina was interviewed for more than 20 hours, a conversation which touched upon topics throughout her childhood and her career. That conversation was then transcribed and uploaded to an artificial intelligence database.
Bina48’s hardware was created by robot designer David Hanson over the course of three years for $125,000. She has a “character engine” — software that tries its best to imbue her with a more cohesive view of the world, with logic and motive.

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