Cocktails to spice-up parties

MIXOLOGIST IRFAN AHMED says , liqueur was initially a leisure tipple, taking its name from the Latin word ‘ liqueurfacere’, meaning to melt or dissolve. It was meant to be had straight ( neat) from elegantly shaped liqueur glasses or on a bed of crushed ice served in Martinistyled cocktail glasses. The original — and ceremonial — way of consuming liqueur was simply to clear one’s palate after a meal and the infusion of various herbs ( with medicinal properties) in the liqueur, were to aid in digestion.

Cut to 2014 and the liqueur is more often being teamed with cocktails or being served as shots. Only a handful are actually consuming liqueurs as they were meant to be. With the popularity of premium and classic cocktails, the use of liqueurs has multiplied.

Here’s what you can stock up for your next party! COINTREAU One of the best French liqueurs that happened and it continues to boost the best in a cocktail. It has a base spirit of sugar beet, perfectly balanced with the zest, aroma and oil of bittersweet oranges.

Stir it up: A must when making Cosmopolitans, Margaritas or White Lady. To make a margarita, take 60ml tequila, 30ml Cointreau and 30ml fresh lime juice. Combine all ingredients into a mixing glass and add ice. Shake and strain into a margarita glass. Garnish with salt and a lime wheel.

AMARETTO A popular Italian liqueur flavoured with almonds and apricots.

Stir it up: Used in the classic Godfather ( a cocktail made of even parts Scotch and Amaretto). To make the Godfather, take 45ml Scotch and 22.5ml Amaretto liqueur. Mix and pour into an old- fashioned glass over ice and serve.

DRAMBUIE A produce of Scotland and is made with top- end single malt whisky, honey and spices.

Stir it up: It’s used in the Rusty Nail cocktail and is also finding its way into Drambuie Sour or Drambuie Fizz cocktails.

For the classic Rusty Nail, take 30ml of Drambuie and 30ml of Scotch. Add both into a rocks glass filled with ice. Stir and serve.

BAILEYS IRISH CREAM This is an Irish classic made with fresh dairy cream, Irish whiskey, ” secret herbs” and sugar.

Stir it up: Used to stir up the Blind Russian and the B- 52 cocktail, which is a shot made of layers of coffee liqueur, Baileys Irish Cream and Grand Marnier.

For the B- 52, take 1/ 3 shot of Kahlua coffee liqueur, 1/ 3 shot of Amaretto, 1/ 3 shot of Baileys Irish Cream. Layer ingredients, in order, into a shot glass.

JAGERMEISTER A sweet herbal liqueur of German origin. With 56 secret herbs and spices, it was created as a digestif and cough remedy.

Stir it up: The drink of 2013 in Calcutta’s nightclubs — the Jagerbomb! Fill a shot glass with 45ml Jagermeister and a highball glass with half a can of Red Bull. Drop the shot glass into the taller glass and serve immediately .

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