Mukesh Ambani's ANTILIA

Mukesh Ambani, the wealthiest man in India with a net worth of $21.5 billion, nestles in one of the costliest homes on planet earth. Antilia, named after the mythical Atlantic island of Antillia, is 27 stories tall, and is soaked in opulence from brick to brick, inch to inch.

Here are a few facts about Antilia that have may not have been the headliners, but are worth knowing:

1. Antilia is located on the Altamount Road, which happens to be one of the most high-priced addresses in the world. This contradicts the media reports which had earlier stated that Mukesh Ambani’s home was in close proximity to slums.

2.Owing to its double-heighted ceilings, Antilla is taller than any standard building of 50 floors.

3. Antilia hosts a huge garage that spans across several stories, and contains the space to park no less than 168 cars. But that’s not the only way Ambanis enter and exit their home. The terrace has its own helipads – 3 of them.

4. The towering structure also contains a lavish ballroom. To make sure that guests soak in every bit of luxury coming their way, the guest suites boast of flamboyance and sweeping facilities. The mansion also has a theatre which can accommodate 50 people.

5. When it’s time to relax, the Ambani family segue into  spa that’s located right in their abode. Not to mention, they also have a terrace garden.

6. The swanky lobby inside Antilia has as many as nine elevators.

7. The sun and the lotus design motifs dominate the interiors of Antilia .

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