Spanish Trains Modernizes Indian Rail to Threaten Airlines

A lightweight train manufactured by a Spanish firm clocked 180kmph during high-speed trials between Mathura and Palwal on Wednesday, covering a distance of 86km in just 39 minutes. The trial was supervised Spanish engineers with Varanasi-made 4,500-HP diesel engine. The Spanish firm, Talgo conducted the trial with nine empty coaches.

This spanish made train shattered the record by an Indian train  Gatimaan Express, at 160kmph.

Sandbags will be placed on seats to simulate passenger weight in the next trial to be conducted between Mumbai and New Delhi. It will aim at a top speed of 220kmph.

Talgo is a leading Madrid based manufacturer of semi-high speed (160-250kmph) and high-speed (350kmph) passenger trains. Its coaches are lightweight -made of aluminium.

They weigh much less than the average Indian Railways coaches and also consume 30% less energy.