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History of NRS Medical College

In 1887 Sealdah Market Building (at present Central Hall) was converted to Sealdah Municipal Hospital. On 1st Dec. 1873 the Sealdah Medical School was born out of the Sealdah Municipal Hospital. In 1884 it was named as Campbell Medical School and later on in June 1948 upgraded as Campbell Medical College. On 10th Aug. 1950 the College was renamed as Nilratan Sircar Medical College after the name of the great freedom fighter and alumni of this institution.

The Telegraph ,Calcutta, Nov. 9: A woman writhing in pain delivered a baby in the corridor of NRS Medical College Hospital early today after she was forced to walk 50 metres to the labour room as there was no one to wheel her in. The baby did not survive.

A lone elderly ayaah walked the woman from the maternity ward before she delivered the baby girl at the doorstep of the labour room.

Health department officials said the baby’s death might not be linked directly to the walk but added it was necessary to ensure that the head of a newborn did not hit a hard object during delivery because their skull is not fully formed.

The family of Shatabdi Ghosh, 29, alleged the baby had died after its head hit the floor.

Chief minister Mamata Banerjee has instructed senior government officials to probe the allegations and submit a report on Monday.

Shatabdi, a resident of Tangra, had been admitted to the hospital at 10am yesterday. “She was taken to the labour room four times, but each time it was found that she was not ready for delivery. The doctors applied a gel to facilitate the delivery,” Shatabdi’s sister-in-law Maya Basu Thakur said.

Around 3.50am today, Shatabdi felt excruciating pain. All her family members had left the ward by then and were waiting downstairs.

“There was no Group D employee, nurse or doctor in the maternity ward. Shatbadi told us she requested the lone ayaah in the department to get the trolley kept outside the ward, but the ayaah refused,” Maya said.

Left with no choice, Shatabdi walked towards the labour room.

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