The Irish Drinking House : Kolkata

The Irish House : Kolkata  : 5th Floor, Quest Mall, 33, Syed Ali Amir Avenue, Ballygunge, Kolkata . Phone :033 40333222 .

Cost : Rs. 1400 for two people (approx.) with alcohol . Cash and Cards accepted .

I somehow liked this place. The ambiance is beautiful, the staffs/waiters are courteous and the food is good. However this should not be considered as a place for serious drinking.
I went there with 2 of my friends yesterday.  Every day, 4-7pm is considered as the happy hour here. You get a “buy one get one free” for every alcoholic drink (including cocktails) within that span. However the draught beer was unavailable. We asked for a few pints of corona but were informed that no other imported beer other than Kronenbourg was available. This raised my eyebrow a bit. The management should take necessary steps towards ascertaining that the stocks do not run out of order especially within 4 pm. Apart from this small hindrance (which deducts 1 point) everything else was top drawer stuff. We ordered Grande nachos with beef (see picture). It impressed me very much. The flavor of corn nachos, shredded beef, kidney beans and molten cheese combined perfectly imho. They offered three sauces with that. Among those the mint/cilantro whip and the tartar sauce whip goes perfectly with the dish. However, I am not too sure of the tomato concasse. Next we ordered some barbecued chicken wings. I personally like my meat a bit more barbecued than it was but the dish was okay. Also it was accompanied by a generous portion of French fries. Next the waiter suggested us the popcorn chicken. The dish was also wonderfully cooked. But among these three, the Grande nachos will definitely be my bet.
The costing is a bit on the higher side but that is perfectly considerable. All in all I must say I was quite impressed with the place.

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