The Age Old Institution Of Marriage Is In Danger

Marital misery is on the rise. Experts warn of the ill effects of the blame game . Divorce rates rising every day in India. And thus marriage therapy is booming. Counselors says how lack of patience and non-compromising attitude is spinning life out of control. Peace and patience is the foundation of happiness of life, which we all need to understand.

Changing times : No One Is Happy

  • Couples no longer believe in adjustment. The male ego is still high.
  • 70 % of men still cannot take ‘no’ from a woman.
  • Both men and women are having extramarital affairs.
  • The bottom line is that no-one is happy.   
  • Men still want the best of everything, without wanting to really give in.
  • While women today don’t want to compromise.
  • Comparisons are only lead to disaster.


It’s not possible to break up and get a divorce every time you have a disagreement ! We have to be more proactive in valuing relationships.



Therapy is not like popping a magic pill. Most of the time, it involves dealing with emotions. Curb your expectations.  Otherwise Relationships are going through a big shift.

Psychologist says, ” technology and social liberalization have changed the pattern of relationships. Couples now meet on the internet. People even chat with therapists online about extra-marital affairs. There is no quick fix to emotional issues”.


Write down your concerns.
Realize that you can’t change your partner.
Explain your hopes and worries.
Leave the anger behind.
Don’t expect your partner to agree to every solution.
Don’t force your partner to accompany you to the therapist.
Don’t ignore the fact that male and female brains work differently.