Ultimate beauty trick: Beer Bath

Ultimate beauty trick: Beer Bath

Gone are the days when women used to bathe in milk to preserve their beauty the way Cleopatra did. Milk become passe, both as a drink and a beauty treatment. The new generation is swearing by yet another beauty potion – beer ! Well, the centuries old beverage derived from cereal grains—most commonly malted barley, wheat, maize (corn), and rice is breaking all beauty treatment stereotypes, for beer beauty bath.

Beer , known to nourish the skin, de-stress and detoxify the beer bath is the new fountain of youth and beauty. The beer baths not only improve blood circulation but also provide the much needed sheen to the hair and skin.
What’s more, not only do you get to bathe in the intoxicating drink but also get to sip it simultaneously.

So, when are you booking your beer bath ?