Vadodara doesn’t want 450 Muslim families next door neighbour

Vadodara : Last November, when authorities razed Vadodara’s Kalyannagar and Kamatipura slums, over 450 Muslim families were to be relocated to two housing projects in the city. But they now stare at an uncertain future because residents of the neighbourhood where they were being moved are “objecting”, saying they don’t want “problem elements” in their midst.



The Vadodara Municipal Corporation (VMC) had planned to relocate the families to Kalali, an upscale neighbourhood .

Some 1,900 homes were demolished in Kalyannagar and another 350 in the adjoining Kamatipura settlements.

Nearly 80 per cent of the evicted families are Muslims. Of these, 730 families from Kalyannagar have relocated to a housing scheme in Tarsali-Dabhoi Road and 656 to Maneja. Some 400 families from Kalyannagar will move to Sayajipura and the rest to a housing project in Kalali.

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