While in an argument with your wife, do not just run

While in an argument with your wife, do not just run from the scene or expect her to read your mind to solve the conflict, researchers suggest.

Withdrawal or expecting your lover to mind-read hurts relationships the most. Withdrawal is the most problematic for relationships.


“It is a defensive tactic that people use when they feel they are being attacked, and there is a direct association between withdrawal and lower satisfaction overall with the relationship,” Sanford noticed.


he findings showed that individuals were more likely to report withdrawal if they were bored or apathetic.

“There is a desire to maintain autonomy, control and distance,” Sanford said.

Meanwhile, those who expected a partner to know what is wrong without being told are anxious, feeling neglected rather than threatened.

“You are worried about how much your partner loves you and that is associated with neglect. You feel sad, hurt and vulnerable,” the study emphasised.

The study appeared in Psychological Assessment, the journal of the American Psychological Association.


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