Amazon Launch E-Cycle Partnering With Salman Khan

Amazon Launch E-Cycle Partnering With Salman Khan

The BH12 cycle is priced at Rs 40,323 and the BH27 is priced at Rs 57,577.
The E-Cycle is a hybrid between battery and manual human power.
E-commerce major, Amazon will be launching Salman Khan’s Being Human E-Cycle which will be exclusively available on Prime Day.

“We are delighted to partner with the highly popular Being Human brand to exclusively offer their E-cycles to Prime members for India’s first Prime Day,” Akshay Sahi, Director & Head, Amazon Prime, said.

The cycles will be exclusively available to Amazon Prime members alone from 6pm on Monday July 10.

The E-Cycle is a hybrid between battery and manual human power and will be launched in two different models – BH12 and BH27.

“These cycles have a pedal assist and rechargeable batteries providing customers with the freedom to cycle or ride like a bike at their discretion. Priced at Rs 40,323 and Rs 57,577 respectively, BH12 and BH27 can reach a speed of max 25km/hr for a unique riding experience,” Amazon said.

You could soon see Bollywood superstar Salman Khan pedalling on the newly-built cycle track on the Delhi-Meerut Expressway, promoting a healthy lifestyle as the brand ambassador of the government’s initiative to popularise e-cycles. PM Modi cabinet’s ‘go-getter’ minister Nitin Gadkari, a passionate advocate for electric vehicles, said the government.

The minister said almost all new highways and expressways will have separate cycle tracks and people will be encouraged to use those for last mile connectivity, thereby benefiting them health-wise as well. “I appeal to the countrymen to use bicycles as much as possible. It has huge health benefits and will go a long way in minimising vehicular pollution.

Prime Day is a special day created for these customers, making it a perfect platform for us to launch Being Human E-cycle.