Badla : A well-crafted movie based on spanish murder thriller

Badla : A well-crafted movie based on spanish murder thriller

Badla,A well-crafted suspense thriller based on spanish murder mystery.

Successful businesswoman Naina Sethi ( Pannu) is a murder suspect, with all evidence stacked against her. Her husband and child have turned their back on her, and things look bleak, till a saviour arrives in the shape of ace lawyer Badal Gupta (Bachchan), who has, of course, never lost a case.

Badla is essentially a two-hander filled out by Bachchan and Pannu, last seen together in Pink. Most of the film takes place within a room, with these two main characters constantly shifting positions, both physically and morally. As each layer comes off, with Bachchan persuading Sethi to ‘tell the truth, and nothing but the truth’.

We are privy to a little more information. The source remains Naina, but with each reveal, we are forced to examine the facts: who is telling the truth? What is the truth?

Alert viewers will know where Badla is headed: sometimes the title of the film is the biggest spoiler. Bachchan’s familiar declamations, become, after some time, smart feints, and you start warming up to him, and the film. And Pannu, all nude make-up and strained face, starts settling down too. It is in this loosening up that the film becomes interesting,because obviously, things are not what they seem, and people are not who they say they are, and everyone has dark pasts and tawdry secrets.

A tryst between clandestine lovers takes place in a snow-laden hut far out of town. The hotel where a body is found is on a picturesque hillside . Badla is a well-crafted suspenseful thriller, and Singh’s presence gives it heft.