Brazil’s Fall From Might Is Painful To Watch

Brazil’s Fall From Might Is Painful To Watch

Brazil Brazil Brazil, the rise and fall  football of Brazil. Their fast fall from might is painful to watch

That weight of history, of course, is what lends Brazil its magic. It is what makes Brazil the world’s most prestigious national team, a byword not just for taste and style, but for success, too.
To see them is to remember Pelé and Jairzinho, Romário and Ronaldo, all of the single-name stars who emerged, every four years, to light up a tournament and so many childhoods. It is to recall the goals they scored and the World Cups they won, the stories of their indelible greatness the world was told when it was young.
Garrincha faced obstacles that would hold most people back from achieving what he did, let alone having being successful in anything. His life, although draped in worldwide football distinction, ended abruptly. He embodies one of the most tragic sports stories of history. Garrincha rose from the depths of extreme poverty and physical deformation to become one of the greatest Brazilian football players in the country’s history.

Rising from nothing, Garrincha found himself playing professionally at the age of 19. This man was and remains a symbol of hope. Garrincha’s life journey was a rollercoaster. He lived in the worst conditions as well as the best, but the way he lived never changed. This probably was accountable for his downfall, but one must not forget that it was also responsible for his achievement as well.

After two World Cup championships in 1958 and 1962, Garrincha had very little left to prove. His status among football gods had been engraved after only five years of international play. He was known as the best dribbler, not only of his time, but of all time. In the 1966 Brazil lost the first and only international game with Garrincha in the lineup.

With a 1-3 loss to Hungary, the Brazilian superstar saw his last international competition. Brazil went on to be defeated without Garrincha, and the reigning champions were sent home in the first round. Garrincha was called up for this Cup with the knowledge that he was well past his prime. He played battling a knee injury and out of shape.

Garrincha played a few more years, ending his career officially in 1966. His last time on the pitch was during a farewell game in 1973 in front of 130,000 spectators.


It is the same whether you are a fan or a player: Brazil is different; Brazil is special. The sight of those canary yellow jerseys, blue shorts and white socks so enchanting. Isn’t it ?

Neymar mocked for epic fall in Brazil game against Costa Rica

It’s time for the worlds most gorgeous football show. Yes,it’s time for World Cup 2018 in Russia from 14th june. Brazil confirms most of their squad for Russia.Brazil will enter Russia looking for its sixth trophy.Brazilis widely consider favorites along with teams like France and Germany.

Brazil coach and manager has picked 15 players four months before the tournament begins.The favorites Neymar and Coutinho are in to win it all.

The Brazil Magic is Back . Neymar . Coutinho . Gabriel Jesus . Willian . Marcelo.
The 24-year old Ederson Moraes has been one of the best goalkeepers this season and has improved drastically under the guidance of Pep Guardiola. Brazil has world-class defenders like Marcelo whose attacking instinct is remarkable too.

Where is their experience ? Where are the long-range free-kicks ? Their abilities are known worldwide for long-range deadly shots. Missing , all are missing. Neymar,world’s most expensive footballer, did he live up to the expectations of his fans ? What will be Neymar and Coutinho known for ? Though Philippe Coutinho, the attacking midfield, is definitely one of the brightest sparks.

There’s absolutely no doubt that this one of the strongest team Brazil in this World Cup later this year. The million dollar question, “when can Brazil charm Football Fans ?”