10 Type Of Bengali Saree For Durga Puja Grand Sale

Durja Puja is a basically seen as time for worship and feasting. However, it is also a time when all the Bong beauties dress up in their best and go pandal hopping. All Bengali women buy new sarees for Durga Puja. Wearing new clothes is part of the tradition of this Puja. Especially certain types of Bengali sarees are in vogue during the Puja season.

Like every year a grand exibition -cum-sale saree and garments will be organised in Pereless Inn for the summer 2017.


10 Bengali Sarees To Have For Durga Puja

Tant : The most basic type of Bengali cotton.

Dhakai Zamdani : The typical Dhakai and the thread-work is the Zamdani style.

Baluchari : Baluchari sarees are made in the Bankura district of Bengal. These exquisite silk sarees display mythological stories on their pallu.

Swarnachari : This is a variety of Baluchari sarees itself that uses golden zari threads for embroidery.

Tangail : This district of Bangladesh is famous for producing Bengali cotton sarees that look great. Tangail sares are now also woven in India.

Garad : Traditionally it is the typical red and white Bengali saree.

Katha Stitch : Katha stitch is a particular kind of embroidery,mostly done in the Shantiniketan area of Bengal, that we get to see on sarees.

Benarasi A typical Bengali bride always wears a Benarasi saree during her wedding.

Zamdani Saree : This is a plain red and white Zamdani saree that every Bengali lady should have. You can drape it in the Bengali style during a puja.

Baatik Saree :  A typical Baatik saree is a work of art that is popular in the Murshidabad regions of Bengal. The patterns are first drawn on plain silk sarees with blocks.