New Technology 100 Times Faster Than Wi-Fi

A new type of wireless internet technology has been developed that could provide a connection that’s 100 times faster than traditional WiFi. Video games could be downloaded in a matter of seconds. The speed is down to the way in which it transmits data — by using Visible Light Communication (VLC), data is sent between networks by LED lights that flicker incredibly fast. The tech is called LiFi, and was tested by an Estonian start-up called Velmenni,…

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‘Einstein Ring’ seen in galaxy 12 billion light-years away

The Huffington Post: A brilliant “ring of fire” has been spotted in deep space, giving astronomers a rare glimpse of a galaxy 12 billion light-years away. The  “Einstein ring” was captured at a super-high resolution of 23 milliarcseconds by the  a ground telescope in the Atacama desert in Northern Chile. “With the astounding level of detail in these new ALMA images, astronomers will now be able to reassemble the information contained in the distorted image we see as a…

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