Cultivate Bottle Gourd On Window Garden

Cultivate Bottle Gourd On Window Garden

Bottle gourd (Lagenaria siceraria) is an annual, vigorous, climbing vine with large leaves and white flowers. It had been cultivated in Asia, Europe and the Americas for thousands of years.

It is also known as Opo squash, bottle squash, long Opo, long upo, calabash, Po gua, Pul Qua, and long melon (Chinese melon), yugao, and in India as lauki, dudhi, doodhi, aal or ghiya, Bhim. In Southern Italy, a similar plant is cucuzza, which grows fruits up to 3 feet long!

Opo Squash or bottle gourd, sometimes called as a melon, is a squash from cucumber family.
It is a squash with smooth skin resembling a large zucchini of yellow green colour.

BOTTLE GOURD PLANTING : Easy guide and tips given to grow :

Growing Bottle Gourd in Pot or Ground: Bottle gourd can be grown in your window garden with cocopeat in pot. This is light weight and extremely good medium for growth. This actually replaces the requirement of ground soil.

If you plant lauki in a pot, select a wide and deep pot, at least 50 cm diameter, also you can plant a bottle gourd type that grows very slowly or remains short.

If you have only small place to grow bottle gourd, you can grow it in a pot, spread the vine on trellis or roof. If you are growing it on your terrace, then spread the plant on the fencing (the outer wall on the terrace).

The problem with bottle gourd in ground was that it grew to very long distances climbing on to a nearby high tree, from where I could not hand pollinate the bottle gourd flowers. On the other hand, the bottle gourd in the container grew to a manageable distance.

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