Earn Million Dollars From 1 Minute Video

Earn Million Dollars From 1 Minute Video

Do you want to earn million dollars ?Advertising spending in China and India has reached a total of 158.3 billion U.S. dollars in 2015. Lets find some facts about this million dollar  business.

Forecast says it will increase to about 235.5 billion U.S. dollars by 2020.

The ad market in India is forecast to increase by 2.84 billion U.S. dollars by 2018.

This will be the fifth largest ad expenditure growth in the world during this time period.

Still the highest, TV and print covers about 37 % of all advertising spending in India.

Newspaper advertising in India is up to an estimate of 3.25 billion U.S. dollars.

The digital out-of-home advertising in the country is forecast to grow upto 18.5 billion U.S. dollars by 2020.

Internet advertising in India since 2006 is 39 million U.S. dollars only.

Internet advertisement in India is estimated to cross 700 million U.S. dollars mark soon.

Despite this, internet medium is projected to hold about 14 percent of Indian ad market.

How To Make Money From Youtube ?

Most of YouTube’s content is free to access. This along with YouTube’s highly gained success and popularity. It has a very high user base (over 30 million visitors per day) , which is the reason  YouTube doesn’t actually require to charge for its services to make money.

Learn it from YouTube. Get your user base for your YouTube channel. Get more traffic through digital marketing. The actual product that YouTube sells is its users. Make your advertisement based business strategy.  Provide targeted advertising through your own channel.  Create a win-win situation for both the advertisers and the viewers.

You can also makes money through a subscription based model in YouTube as well. You can charge your subscribers  just a nominal amount for membership to maintain your channel.

If you are interested in advertisement videos you can consider YouTube channel business.  Connect with people from media business to share and discuss ideas. To get maximum benefit you should consider social media marketing for your  YouTube Channel like any other channel.

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Publicity For Your Video :

Use social media. For each shoot and audition create an event on Facebook Or Advertise Your Film on Newspaper also.

More Publicity More Success on  social media should be the commonly used marketing mantra by you. Set up a dedicated marketing team for your channel. This way your viewership and publicity will increase.

Budget for publicity is one of the key expense. Plan to spend your budget very carefully as this can be investment or permanent loss. Never try for over night success.

Amateurs Should Try For Free :

Try to get everything for free. Amateur film makers love to work on films. Find amateurs that have equipment you need, such as lights or a camera, and offer them a position on your film. Use more than one camera.

Take care of catering. Feed crew and cast well. You could bring sandwiches, a flask of tea and or coffee, and a flask of soup. See if there are restaurants that are willing to donate meals to your film production.

Film quickly and cheaply. Film on weekends and after business hours to insure your crew will be able to work steadily. To cut costs in both equipment rentals and meals keeping filming combined to two or three days.

Pay special attention to sound :

The sound of your film can make or break the movie, so be willing to donate a slightly larger portion of your budget on sound.

Rehearse For Better Performance :

Doing rehearsals will save time when you are shooting and lead to better performances. Schedule at least two before your shoot and to make these effective write down beforehand what you want to achieve.

Don’t Pay Any Editor But Buy Editing Software :

There is cheap, effective software currently on the market for both Mac and P.C. Purchasing the equipment may be a large initial investment. It will pay off in time as you learn to edit your own films, rather than paying another editor.

Begin fundraising :

There are numerous websites devoted to funding independent art work. Try filming an interview with yourself discussing the film, or perhaps shooting a short trailer to drum up interest.

Make money for post-production by throwing parties, dinners, or other events where you charge cover.

Your Videos Should Be Watched As Short Films ?

Pick a short story first. Your channel videos must have a story too. It should be simple and interesting and must have a message. Don’t forget to keep your film short. You should recruit and assistant having working knowledge on short films format before you begin.

With that in mind, keep your short under 30 minutes having 15 minute segments each.

Your film should continue to be thought provoking to drum up interest. Watch the film below.

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