French Man And Bosnian Fiancee Marries In Traditional Bengali Style

In Kolkata something very special Bengali wedding took place. The marriage was a simple yet classy affair replete with all Bengali rituals. Vernin was clad in dhoti, panjabi and topor and Sanja was decked in a red Benarasi sari and other paraphernalia of a Bengali bride.

Yves Vernin, a street photographer having a special interest in India, and Sanja Smailagic, a woman of Bosnian origin, tied the knot in a traditional Bengali wedding in Kolkata.


Bengal has an intriguing French connection

Chandernagore became a French colony in 1673, wherein they established their trading banks, and it became a permanent French settlement by 1688. After the 1757 war with the British the town changed hands a couple of times between the British and the French. However, from 1816 it remained with France till 1950. Although Chandernagore was a French colony, it had a strong convergence of the French and Bengali cultures as many Bengali merchants flourished and played an important role in development of the town.

The beautiful promenade along the Hooghly River is a lovely stretch and across it stands a row of beautiful French colonial buildings.  Wait, French? Yes, you read it right! It is a general perception for most that in India the French existed only in Pondicherry.

But in fact this quaint place called Chandernagore was and still is the little France—in West Bengal. It is only 19 square kilometres in total area. Chandernagore might be a small town but its historical significance cannot be trifled with.