Do You Know Feeding Birds Can De-Stress You ?

Do You Know Feeding Birds Can De-Stress You ?

All You Need To Release Stress Is To Feed Wild Birds. Not only are window feeders relatively stylish additions to the exterior of your house, but they offer a rare viewing angle for seeing and taking photos of your garden birds.

Believe us , these are extremely popular.
Wild bird seed feeders are ideal. They are consistent and known for attracting a wide variety of bird species to your window.  But depending on the characteristics of your birds you may choose your seed feeder.

These seed feeders are designed with small enough feeding holes for the seeds to fall through, great for different bill-sizes. In most typical feeding stations, you’ll find hooks for hanging seed feeders, suet feeders and coconut suet treats, as well as trays for water and seeds.

Feeding the birds in your garden is fun, rewarding and makes a huge difference to bird population levels. However, what you feed, when you feed and how you feed birds has a large bearing on the species you attract. You should not forget to give their much needed safety and privacy for their party in your garden.

Squirrel Proof Feeders

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There are all sorts of different squirrel-proof bird feeders, but most are encased in a wire frame to prevent squirrels from getting to the feeding hole. Some can be hung also.