Ladies must care heels to wear stilettos

“Ladies: No flat shoes or sandals. Must have heels”. It would seem that women and heels go hand in hand. A study has found that wearing four-inch stilettos could increase the amount of pressure on the front foot by over 30%. 

But numerous other studies have also warned that being on heels for more than six hours can cause Achilles heel.

A simple exercise like pointing the toes is quite effective. Just lift the leg and rotate the foot till the toes are pointing downward. Hold and relax.

Another tip is to roll a ball under the foot. It provides the best massage for your feet. Just take a tennis ball or an anti-stress ball and roll under the ball of the foot with light pressure.

You can also try ‘short footing’. This is a simple exercise where you stand without shoes and contract the arch of the foot by pushing the toe downwards.

Do calf stretches each morning. Start by facing the wall. Place your hands on the wall and keep the heels flat on the ground. Slowly stretch outward and come back to the starting position.

Remember to also wear special gel insoles. These can stop the toes from feeling tight and keep the ball of the heel in place.

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