Loose Weight In Phoenix Before Durga Puja

Loose Weight In Phoenix Before Durga Puja

With Durga Puja barely a month away, everyone is busy trying to lose weight in phoenix fitness-studio, a very sophisticated gym.

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But for effective result one must also know the information on healthy eating. And following the wrong diet will only mean you won’t be losing any weight.

No carbs, please In fact, carbohydrates are to the body what petrol is to the car.

Carbohydrate is the main fibre in our diet and constitutes 60 per cent of our meal. Reducing carbohydrate from diet helps the most in loosing extra fat .Dieticians also say that one can have any type of fruits and there is no such thing as fatty fruits since all carbohydrates in all fruits are complex and good for us.

Do you know that deep frying is better than shallow frying ?

When you deep fry, the oil is so hot ( usually 300- 375 ° F) that it causes the water in the food to turn to steam, creating pressure which keeps the oil from penetrating into the food. When you shallow fry, the top of the food is outside the oil and so is cooler. If the temperature drops below 212 ° F, you do not have steam pressure keeping the oil out, therefore causing the food to soak up more oil. That is why a paratha often has more oil than a poori.

Ghee is bad Over the years, ghee has got a bad rap — and is considered the culprit for weight gain. In reality, ghee is packed with health benefits.

Ghee obtained from grass- fed cows is a rich natural source of the potent nutrient conjugated linoleic acid ( CLA) which combats cancer, asthma, improving insulin resistance, lowering hypertension and boosting immunity. It is also said to be good for the nerves and brain, besides nourishing the eyes, hair and skin.

All yogurts are healthy . Most flavoured yogurts don’t contain real fruit but have added fruit concentrate, making it high in sugar content. Still they are surely better compared to other processed foods.