Do Muslims All Around The World Have The Best Food ?

Faraaz Ali, Project Engineer at Saudi Technical Ltd shares his view on Muslim cuisine . In fact most Indian will agree to his view . Its truly delicious .

Halal food is supposedly scientifically supported to be healthier. Blood is drained and as such so less toxins left in the meat. So its apparently it is fresher.

I’m also a huge fan of Pakistani food and Muslim cuisine. But Muslims are missing out on all the awesome things that pork could be cooked.

Keeping the term “Muslim” aside, Faraaz Ali says, “I’ve had my personal experience with the people I’ve met from different countries. Their views and opinions on most of the famous dishes like Haleem, Biryani, Shawarma, Sheerqurma, Double ka Meetha, Gulab Jamun, Fruit salad with Custard, Mandi, Kabsa were Impressive”.

In India people can’t think of their occasion or party without Biriyani.



“I used to have Non-Muslim friends and some Neighbours. All of them used to Pay a special visit to My Home on Special occasions to taste dishes prepared by Mom. Mom used to prepare for them Haleem, Biryani, Sheer Khurma. In desert was Gulab Jamun and phirni ” says Faraaz .

Arsalaan Biriyani Restaurant in Kolkata city is well recognized for Biryani and Haleem. People who Visit Kolkata don’t miss this special dish which is Prepared during the Holy Month Ramazan.

The names itself of the dishes which will definitely fill your mouth with water ! Try “Arsalaan “


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