Pesticides Can Destroy Your Garden

Pesticides Can Destroy Your Garden

Pesticides can be extremely harmful. It take away all your profit and happiness. Homemade Pesticide is the easiest method to control Aphids , white flies and many other insects in Hibiscus and many other plants. You can make it without any cost and that to without any harmful effects. This involves no harmful chemical. Homemade Pesticide will be immensely beneficial People for your cultivation and flowers.


No.1.Fifty gms of Garlic cloves duly peeled off and grind properly in a grinder. Boil it in 2 litres of water for about 10 minutes. Let it cool down for 2hrs.

No. 2. Take 2 tsp. of liquid soap and 2 tsp. of any kind of vegetable oil . Mix it well

No.3 . Pour the oil and soap mixture in garlic solution and stir it well to make it a homogeneous mixture. Take half portion in a spray bottle and apply it on insect infested part of the plant. Keep rest of the half portion liquid in a fridge for using it again after 3 days.

After 7 days Take assessment of the plant condition. Hope all the infestation will go. Hope for the Best.


Commercial Organic pesticides are not that healthy.

Approximately half of synthetic pesticides are carcinogenic. I think everybody knows this fact. And when you people are talking about organic pesticides, they are not even researching because automatically they are assuming that they are healthy. But if you are checking studies, you will find that half of organic pesticides are carcinogenic as well.

Imagine, you are using synthetic pesticides and then decide to go organic. You are buying new tools, cleaning soil and for years you are thinking that you are eating healthy food. But we are wrong. Organic does not mean healthier. Even worse, they are more expensive.

All this does not mean that you need to allow pests to destroy your garden, vegetables or roses. Just don’t think it will be healthy if you are buying food with Organic on the label.