Reservation Frustrates Aspiring Medical Students

Reservation Frustrates Medical Students. NEET cut-offs drop, 17% enough to join MBBS. 

Huffington Post on 20th april 2016 has published, “Caste-Based Reservation Could Pause India’s Growth Story”.  But we, , say that reservation has certainly given the winning ticket to the political parties.

Incidentally, there are no cut-offs specified for individual subjects within NEET. Last year some students who got admission into medical colleges scored zero or even negative marks in chemistry or physics.

With the cut-offs dropping further this year in terms of percentage marks , chances are we will see a repeat of worse this year.

The results of the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) for MBBS admissions for 2018 announced on Monday. It showed even lower cut-offs than last year. The cut-off for the unreserved category is down from 131 last year to 119 this year,out of 720 marks. While the one for the reserved categories has dropped by a similar margin from 107 to 96.

A lower eligibility cut-off for NEET would mean that students with even lower caliber and merit will be Indian MBBS doctors in future.

Babasaheb Ambedkar had suggested the reservation system only for 10 years. Reservation has made billions and billions of life in india suffocating and extremely frustrating.

The students are completely pissed off about the idea of reservation system. But there are some people who’ll comment “it helps our country”. These people are themselves SC/ST. Suppose there are 400 seats, 100 of them are reserved. So instead of competing for 400 seats, we are competing for 300 seats. Because some SC people are going to takeover those 100 seats, without any hard work.

Do you know what the difference between terrorism and reservation system is ?

Well, the only difference is that terrorism supports human killing, whereas the reservation system is a silent killer of human merit. Reservation system kills the meritorious and deserving candidates silently.

Then what happened is that most deserving ones will not get admissions in premier colleges and left with two options, first, to fly abroad for study and second, to stay here and study in those available options. This lead to high rate of brain drain from last decade. The greatest minds of our country are working abroad at some highly reputed jobs, like CEOs etc.

Now comes the second part, when these students go for government jobs, then again, they face another blow of reservation and again the less deserving ones get the higher administrative posts in the system and ruin the system completely.

And when it comes to abolishing the reservation system the politicians don’t do it because they don’t want to lose their vote bank and the admin officers will not utter a word against it as it will create hurdles for the future of their own children.

This means that the reservation will stay forever.