How To Setup Rooftop Kitchen Garden

How To Setup Rooftop Kitchen Garden

The sight is unbelievable. Three big coconut trees, 35 banana trees, papayas, guavas and chickoos, grapes with bunches of green fruits hanging.  Yellow-green pumpkins, light-green ash gourds, whitish-green snake gourds winding their way down from a pandal.

Lush foliage of dark-green bitter gourds, tender okra, drumsticks, tomatoes, many varieties of beans and tubers such as yam and tapioca, turmeric, garlic and ginger. All on a terrace! And that too on a four-storey building amid high-rises.

The urban farming startup ecosystem could be worth $1billion in India in the next two to four years and will become essential due to environmental concerns. In a few years, India will see progressive state governments ensuring that homeowners use their roofs for either urban farming or generating solar energy.

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How To Setup Rooftop Kitchen Garden (Step By Step Instructions)


Rooftop Organic Farming will become more and more popular in times to come because of the following reasons:

  • Each house would not only become self-sustainable in producing its own healthy food, it could also generate CARBON CREDITS as it is a highly water-efficient and very low-energy farming system that we have created.
  • People will soon realize that 70% of the money that they pay for a kg of vegetable is the cost of transporting it and the cost of wastage on the way.
  • Farmers will stop growing vegetables as the water-table around the cities goes down.
  • Cancer in adults, neurological disorders in elders and allergies in children will take epidemic proportions.
  • By growing Fresh vegetables on the rooftop, we cover the un-utilized rooftops with a natural green cover which will significantly bring down the temperature of the building thus reducing the power consumption of the building.
  • The containers used for growing organic veg on rooftop can be used for catching the rainwater and harvesting it.





PORTABLE ROOFTOP ORGANIC FARMING KITS will enable a house to do the following:

– Grow Fresh organic Vegetables with very little water,

– Reduce electricity consumption, by developing a natural green cover on your roof,

– Harvest rainwater

– Subsequently, generate CARBON CREDITS.


  • SOIL-LESS MEDIUM – We have developed our own proprietary organic soil-less medium which is 3 times lighter than soil and need never be replaced after it has been filled in the Rooftop Kit.
  • LIGHT-WEIGHT, PORTABLE, LEAK-PROOF CONTAINERS – These containers are stabilized for UV rays and hence can withstand the climatic extremities on the rooftop for at least 3 years.
  • SUB-SURFACE DRAINAGE FOR RAINWATER HARVESTING – The containers catch rainwater which can be channelised through a sub-surface drainage system that is installed at the bottom of the containers.
  • HIGHLY WATER-EFFICIENT DRIP IRRIGATION SYSTEM – With just 1 bucket of water, 100 plants can be irrigated!