A Simple Soup That Has Magical Healing Powers

A Simple Soup That Has Magical Healing Powers

This simple soup has magical healing powers! It is that one food which has no substitute and is a must have for everyone. Bone Broth, no matter how barbaric it sounds, is a known cure for several diseases since times immemorial.

1. Amazing Health Benefits of Bone Broth !

There is a very old saying that a “Good broth will resurrect the dead” and we can’t agree more. It’s a known fact that broths have some certain magical healing powers and even allopathic medicines sometimes don’t stand a chance before them. They help heal faster and are loaded with nutrients.

The cooking process of bone broth is not the only reason as to why it has made to the list of some of the best super foods but also, it’s very economical. The boiling of the bones releases some vital nutrients that are very beneficial for those who are suffering from weakness and are recovering from deadly diseases.

Here we have jotted down some major bone broth benefits:

2. Strengthens Joints

Bone Broth is rich in collagen which is present in the bones, ligaments or skin of animals. It’s mandatory for our joints because as we grow old, our joints face a lot of wear and tear. Also known for having ample amounts of gelatine stored in them, bone broth helps reduce friction between the two joints and hence it is a part of the dietary chart of sportsmen.

3. Better Digestion

Bone broth helps in increasing the growth of good bacteria and helps in eradicating germs that cause weak digestion and other digestive ailments. It boosts our immunity in a way no other medicine would do.

4. Detoxification

Bone Broth is known to remove toxins from the body by supplying essential nutrients like potassium and glycine that aid in liver detoxification. Also, it helps in maintaining youthful skin because when we prepare bone broth it releases loads of collagen which is known to reduce visible signs of wrinkles, hence maintaining a healthy skin.

5. For Pregnant Ladies

Bone Broth is extremely nutritious for the ladies who are about to deliver a baby. Protein is required by such women in huge quantities during these nine months and while breast feeding. Bone broth is known for supplying essential amino acids to your body like arinine, proline and glycine that are produced when we continuously boil the bones to make a broth.

6. Protects the Heart Health

Our heart does a lot of work in a day from pumping blood to the supply of oxygen to our body. But how many times do we think of returning the favour! An essential nutrient found in the bone broth, “glycine” improves the heart health, hence extending our lifespan. Glycine also lowers the damage done to the heart muscles.


Broths of beef, chicken, fish and lamb are extremely popular amongst people now.