Toyota Yaris A Pint-Size Sports Sedan

Toyota Yaris A Pint-Size Sports Sedan

Toyota Yaris is either a pint-size sports sedan or a dour subcompact hatchback. Offered in sedan and hatchback body. The two Yaris models have low prices, an unusual amount of standard active safety gear, and easy-to-park dimensions.

Yaris models use 4-cylinder engines rated at 106 horsepower, but the sedan’s Mazda-supplied engine is smoother compared to the hatchback’s Toyota engine. The sedan’s Mazda heritage shows through in its driving dynamics.

Every time we drive one, we’re pleasantly surprised with its weighty, direct steering and firm but compliant suspension. By contrast, the Yaris hatch has a softer ride and lighter steering, although it’s reasonably well composed as well. Their interiors are fine, but they look like budget cars from the outside. Base Yaris L trims ride on chintzy hubcaps prone to scrapes, cracks, or even theft, while LE and XLE trims add alloy wheels that dress them up a little.

Here’s where the 2019 Toyota Yaris hatchback pulls ahead of its Mazda-designed sedan sibling. We rate the Yaris hatchback at 4 out of 10, with points dialed back from average for its mediocre front seats and its tight second row. It gains an extra point for its spacious cargo hold, pushing it to a 4 out of 10.

With its direct injection and 6-speed manual and automatic transmissions, the 2019 Yaris sedan scores 32/40/35 mpg with the automatic and 30/39/34 mpg with the manual. All versions of the Yaris run on regular unleaded gasoline.