Chicken Salad And Hacks To Enhance Chicken Flavour

Chicken Salad And Hacks To Enhance Chicken Flavour

Chicken has immense number of lip-smacking options of Indian cooking. Chicken also offers a beautiful taste to your herbs and spices in salad too.

If you want to get the maximum nutrition and flavour from your meat in minimum time, these tricks are going to be your game changer.

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Rub marinade under the skin
While cooking your chicken, loosen the skin from the thighs and breasts and rub half of the marinade under the skin and balance seasoning over the skin. This will help you get maximum flavour of the chicken. Voila a wonderful chicken dish is ready in minimum time.

Poach your chicken to make it juicy
Poaching your chicken will make the chicken super juicy. The leftover juices can be stored in refrigerator and used for cooking soups or any other curry dishes.

Add whole spices and dried herbs
Adding aromatic ingredients like whole spices, dried herbs, garlic, onion and citrus fruit slices would enhance the flavour in the cooking. One can also experiment with smoky alcohol and balsamic vinegar for that extra kick in the taste and aroma.


Never keep cold chicken in the oven
You should never keep cold chicken in the oven because not only would it take longer time to cook, it won’t be cooked evenly as well. So, first let it come to room temperature (takes around 40-45 minutes) and then start cooking

Dry your chicken before marinating
Never wash the raw chicken as it will make it soggy and limp. Instead, pat dry it with paper towels before you start marinating it. But be sure that it’s perfectly dry for getting best results.

Add marinade to storage bag
When storing chicken in the freezer, pour some marinade in the stored bag too. This will add flavour as the chicken would absorb the marinade.

Use food mixer to shred chicken
Let go of the traditional fork and knife and just put the chicken in the food mixer. You will get perfectly shredded chicken in less than 30 seconds.

Use leftover fat to make toppings
Don’t throw away the fat that collects in the pan when you have cooked the chicken. It’s delicious and full of flavours. So it can be used to saute the vegetables and then used as a topping for your cooked chicken.