Why sugar bad for your health

Why sugar bad for your health

Sugars are a type of simple carbohydrate that occur naturally in some foods and drinks. They are also an additive in certain foods and drinks.

Consuming too much sugar can lead to health problems, such as increasing the risk of weight gain, diabetes, tooth cavities, and more.

Added sugar provide no nutritional value. They are also a poor energy source, as the body digests added sugar very quickly. Consuming too much may cause health problems over time.

This 10 reasons why added sugars are bad for health.

1.Sugar causes glucose levels to spike and plummet.
2.Sugar increases the risk of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.
3.Your immune function can be affected by sugar.
4.A high-sugar diet can lead to chromium deficiency.
5.Sugar accelerates aging.
6.Sugar causes tooth decay.
7.Sugar can cause gum disease, which can lead to heart disease.
8.Sugar affects cognition in children.
9.Sugar increases stress.
10.Sugar takes the place of important nutrients.